SuperPath Process – Video

The SuperPATH hip replacement technique video can be watched by clicking “Read More”.
The SuperPATH hip replacement technique is the creation of Dr. Jimmy Chow of the Orthopedic Institute of the West. It was developed by Dr. Chow as a refined combination of Dr. Stephen Murphy’s SUPERCAPTM and Dr. Brad Penenberg’s PATH® techniques. Dr. Penenberg now calls his technique the Direct Posterior approach. Both of these tissue sparing, minimally invasive techniques are excellent methods for a hip replacement, but the combination of the two forms what Dr. Chow has termed a “micro-invasive” technique. Less tissue damage during surgery combined with state of the art anesthetic and pain management techniques allows for patients to have a much more rapid recovery than traditional methods of hip replacement. The large majority of patients go home after one night in the hospital. A few go home the same day of surgery and a few go home after two nights. and transitional care unit or nursing home stays are basically unheard of with this technique. SOURCE:

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